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The acai berry originates from beautiful and versatile Brazil, where indigenous communities live deep in the Amazon that make it possible for us to consume this delicious berry. Açaí, however, is a delicate product - harvesting and processing requires proper attention and knowledge - and is therefore not directly available outside the borders of the Amazon. Feeling Good goes directly to the source; from harvesting and transporting the perfect berry to processing and packaging by our own people in the province of Para. We manage and guide every step of the production process. This means 100% control and 100% traceability; we know everything about the product from the harvest to the consumer. This way you can experience the world's rarest berries at their best!


Our açaí grows wild on the banks of the Amazon. This means that we do not use agricultural land and therefore no artificial fertilizer and artificial pesticides. The flesh of the berries is also processed into puree without the addition of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colors and flavors. This way of working is very important to us because sustainability is high on our priority list. We want to minimize the impact on the Amazon rainforest - thus preventing deforestation for planting plantations - and placing the harvest in the hands of local people who have worked the land for generations - thereby giving our nature the care and respect it deserves. deserves.


The magic of the Brazilian açaí experience lies in its freshness. To preserve the quality of our açaí berries, we carefully pack them in pureed form and store them at temperatures well below freezing - from the Amazon to our warehouse and concept store in the heart of The Hague. Because the açaí berry decays very quickly (within 24 hours), you will only find fresh açaí in the Amazon region itself. The best way to buy açaí outside the Amazon is in frozen puree. In this form the açaí is the least processed, the health benefits are preserved, and you experience the delicious and special taste.


The Ribeirinhos - traditional population living on the banks of the Amazon - have land where the açaí palms grow with which they harvest every year (4 to 8 bunches of around 6 kilos?). Immediately after harvesting, the berries are carried in baskets of approximately 14 kilos to the river banks where they are loaded on boats and then sold. By engaging our local contacts, the berries are purchased at the Ribeirinhos itself instead of at the market. The boats full of berries sail directly to the factory to be processed, packaged and cooled - by skipping the auction process that takes place on the market we maintain a higher quality and we buy at a lower price so that we can pay more for the Ribeirinhos .


By concluding transparent trade agreements with the local population, paying fairly and being based in the Amazon, we buy directly at the source and work without intermediaries. We take the time, care, and initiative to go to the rainforest, see the locals, and make sure they know they are important to us. We have entered into partnerships with artists from the Amazon and set up socio-ecological projects to support local communities as much as possible.

Feeling good acai is a new bowl for wholesale acai berries in the Netherlands, yet we are reputed and reliable wholesaler of acai berries in the Netherlands. Feeling good acai is a dynamic and fast-growing online and offline company with a focus on offering healthy products with the highest quality for the best price. Our acai consists of 100% pure premium acai pulp! Our acai is organic, natural without additives.

Acai contains a high concentration of antioxidants Rich in essential amino acids, fatty acids, calcium and fiber. Feeling Good Acai is pure, honest and delicious. The truly native Amazon flavor experience. Feeling Good Acai offers its products for consumers, Hospitality and retail at reduced rates. We have different selections available.

Characteristics of Acai Berries

  • Freezing to optimally preserve odor, taste, nutrients.
  • High content of antioxidants, omega 3 and 9 fats, vitamins and minerals.
  • Frozen delivered
  • 100% fruit without addition
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO

Are you looking for an online acai berry store in the Netherlands? If so, then you are at the right place. Here at Feeling Good Acai you get top quality acai berries in the Netherlands. Acai powder is a superfood with enormous health benefits.

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