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  • Organic Cacao Powder

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    Delicious to make chocolate milk For on your cappuccino To be processed in all your baking
    • Organic, No sugar or sweetener added, Vegan
    • Baking, Smoothie
    • Allergens free
  • Vegan Organic Almond...

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    Organic Almond protein is vegetable and a good replacement for (animal) protein sources such as Whey and Soy proteins. It has a high protein content and is therefore very suitable for athletes, people with an active lifestyle and also for those who want to use vegetable proteins. Proteins contribute to the building, maintenance and recovery of muscles. Almond protein is made from white almonds that have been pressed, degreased and finely ground. As a result, it contains much less fat and much more protein than regular ground almonds. Use and storage Organic Almond protein is suitable for daily use and can be used before and after training, during meals or at bedtime. Mix 2 measuring spoons (approx. 30 g) in a blender, mixer or shaker with 250 ml of water, fruit juice or smoothie. Can also be used as an extra in muesli breakfast. Also great to use as a substitute for flour in baking products such as pancakes, bread, cakes, biscuits or cake (replace 25% of the original flour). Use extra moisture because almond flour absorbs a lot of moisture and less sugar because it is naturally sweet. Or make almond milk by dissolving 25 grams of Almond protein in 250 ml of water. Keep cool, dry and closed. This product does not replace a varied diet.